B*E*S*T Doula Service in Los Angeles

Margie Levy, CD(DONA)

1. How long have you been a doula?
I officially became a doula in January of 2002, but I had been assisting friends in labor since 1995.

2. Why did you decide to become a doula?
I'm a birth junkie. I have been fascinated by birth since I was a little girl but I never cared for a medical oriented career. I felt that pregnancy and birth were normal and natural occurrences and not something to be treated like an illness.

It seemed becoming a doula was a perfect choice. I have the privilege of helping women achieve the type of birth they want, providing comfort emotionally and physically, giving information on various decisions they may face, and being present for the beauty of birth. What more could I ask for?

3. What are your hobbies, passions, diversions, etc.
Being with my kids, husband, and dear friends is my biggest hobby. I also enjoy gardening, music, animals, cooking, and anything related to childbirth.

4. What is your philosophy about birth?
This is your body. The decision in how to labor and give birth is yours. Women are often lead to believe that they do not have options in how to give birth to their own children. There are many different ways to give birth. Educate yourself so that you can choose the type of birth that is right for you.

5. A little something about your personal life
I have a wonderful husband named Jon and two great kids - Jake (1991) and Sofie (1993). As crazy as this sounds, I am loving the teenage years the most! We relate on more of an adult level, but I still get to be "mommy". I also love animals and have a lot of pets. I really enjoy their funny antics on a daily basis.

6. What are your specialties, unique qualities, whatever ... what might make someone want to hire you specifically?
I offer hypnosis and Reiki in addition to the standard comfort measures such as massage, aromatherapy, the birth ball, breathing, alternate positioning, application of heat and cold, hydrotherapy, music etc. My approach is calm and supportive with laboring couples as well as any medical staff that I encounter. While I am a strong advocate for my clients, it never serves my laboring couples for me to be adversarial or argumentative with medical staff.

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