B*E*S*T Doula Service in Los Angeles

Birth Package

NOTE: each doula provides a slightly different package and a different fee. The fees range from $600 (for a newly trained doula) - $2500, depending on the amount of experience the doula has. The birth package with tracy hartley, one of the most experienced (but not the most expensive) doula in the greater Los Angeles area, includes:
  • Free interview with lots of free gifts and valuable information for birth!
  • Birth Hypnosis
  • Relaxation for Birth (hypnosis preparation)
  • Extensive Birth Preparation Handouts
  • Pre-natal visit(s) to prepare you for your labor, birth and newborn
  • Assistance with and preparation of a Birth Plan that works
  • Telephone support and advice throughout pregnancy and immediate postpartum
  • Suggestions for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth
  • Alternative relief measures for morning sickness and other discomforts during pregnancy
  • Massage and other alternative pain relief measures during labor
  • Continuous, uninterrupted support throughout labor and birth and immediate postpartum
  • Labor and birth positioning suggestions for comfort and labor progress
  • Breastfeeding preparation, information and support
  • Invoice for your insurance reimbursement (clients are often reimbursed up to 70% of the fee paid)
  • Written record of the entire labor and birth
  • Photographs or videotape of labor, birth and/or new baby
  • Guaranteed backup doulas
  • A birth ball available for your use during labor
  • Referrals to other doulas
Additional (Optional) Services Available:
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Additional childbirth education classes
  • Accompany you to a prenatal exercise class
  • Accompany you to childbirth classes along with or in place of the partner
  • Accompany you to classes in HypnoBirthing, HypBabies, HypBirth, etc. along with or in place of the partner
  • Professional photographs of labor, birth and/or new baby
  • Professional massage sessions
  • Pregnancy photos
  • Accompany you to meet with doctor or midwife
  • Belly casts
  • TWO doulas for less than the price of one!