What B*E*S*T Clients Say

Tracy was the most caring and compassionate doula. She helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy and helped me make the best decision for both me and my baby.

- Natalia G

I had no idea she took so many pictures and detailed notes of everything such a wonderful surprise to look back!

- Rebecca B

First of all, I love that Tracy took “notes” along the way, so when all was said & done, we had a clear picture of what happened when. Otherwise, it would have been a blur! Tracy was so easy to “be” around. I never felt uncomfortable, even at my most vulnerable state. She was the “safe place” and made us confident in our decisions.

- Kristin B

Tracy’s support prepared me exceptionally well for my birth. My husband and I felt her one-on-one teachings were invaluable. Her presence, support and excellent encouragement helped me feel powerful as a life-giving woman. The presence of a doula is indispensable for us for our 1st birth and future ones! Also, tracy helped us navigate the hospital process, which helped make our experience simply amazing.

- Caroline W

As soon as tracy arrived next to me and gave that warm reassurance, I knew I was in good hands and that it was going to be okay. When the monitors lost my baby’s heartbeat for 4 minutes, tracy calmed me and talked me through it without her I would have lost it with worry. It kept me present and focused on the task at hand, and overall let me know everything was normal and ok, one step at a time.

- Brooke D

Having tracy there at our baby’s birth gave me an ease of mind. I had a lot of anxiety due to my baby’s breech position. Tracy knows her way around the hospital and even knows the medical staff, which created a very positive atmosphere at our birthing room. She was calm and encouraging, which helped me tremendously during contractions.

- Ruby Y

She was essential. Sometimes she was more helpful than my husband, and I wanted to have her support more than his.

- Carolina L

I simply could not have gone through my labor and delivery without Tracy by my side, hand on my back, guiding my husband with her wisdom and experience on how they could work together to best care for me. Her attitude was remarkable through the grueling labor and her endurance spectacular.

- Rebecca T

Tracy quickly became a friend. She listened to us and shaped the experience on our wishes and always made us feel confident and comfortable. Her warmth and kindness helped every step of the way. Her conversations with both my mom and our OBGYN were enormously helpful at a scary time.

- Christina B

Thanks Goodness tracy was there. All I can say, I couldn’t have done it without her help, support and guidance. She was a guiding light for me, someone I trusted and could turn to when I found myself freaking out. She is very cool, calm and collected and puts you at ease, even in the throws of labor. She does her absolute best to make you feel comfortable and knows her way around a hospital setting. Worth every penny.

- Sheena R

Tracy was amazing and was able to calm Sheena down when she was very worried and afraid. I cannot imagine doing this without her.

- McDonald R

The 3 meetings prior to delivery date were extremely helpful. Following the handouts and explanations for contractions (411) helped us achieve a natural birth with no epidural/drugs. Watching the birthing videos helped calm my fears and negate any “horror” stories told to me by family/friends.

- Daisy M

Tracy is a very calming presence. Her experience in the birthing process is so reassuring.

- Lysandra P

Tracy gave us fantastic support before, during, and after our birth. I feel like Tracy educated us really well, so I don’t feel like there was anything I didn’t know.

- Allison R

Tracy is a valuable resource to the community of birthing women and all that are involved in the birth process. It is important to have a doula who is experienced and well-educated and who will act as an advocate for you and your pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum care.

- Anna S

Great support before the birth with a lot of helpful information in the info sessions. Very prompt in showing up for triage.

- Alexandra M

Thank you so very, very much for the photos – they are priceless. Before the birth, I didn’t think I would want/need pictures of the birthday (besides a newborn pic) . But when I look at these now it’s overwhelming and I am so thankful that you captured these moments THANK YOU!!! I wish I had hired you for my first baby’s birth too!

- Cathy O

Tracy’s knowledge about preparing for birth, the birth process, and preparing for life with a new baby was invaluable. Much of the process is shrouded with mystery and tracy helps remove the mystery and help you feel ready and at ease.

- Monica T

Tracy support before, during, and after our daughter’s birth helped us achieve a perfect outcome despite of having to make several tough decisions along the way. When we needed caring and knowledge, she exuded these qualities in abundance. We felt cared for, protected, and safe with Tracy.

- Jessica W

Tracy is super supportive and comforting. Having Tracy next to me during my daughter’s labor gave me the strength and confidence I needed during L&D. With the expansive knowledge Tracy has she was able to provide me with guidance to make my labor more relaxed and enjoyable! Beautiful Soul!!!

- Zorina P

With Tracy’s help I was able to accomplish my goal of an unmedicated natural childbirth. She helped me to trust my body’s ability to give birth. She gave me encouragement when I had doubt. She also provided me with all of the information and learning material to be mentally prepared. Without her help, I’m not sure the goal would have been reached.

- Jennifer H

An experienced doula can make all the difference.

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