New Client Paperwork

Articles and Handouts
for new clients working with our doulas

The following documents are in printer-friendly portable document format (pdf). You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these files. If you don’t have this program, get it for free on Adobe’s official website.

For 1st Prenatal Visit

Please fill out ALL except the Birth Plan Notes before our first prenatal class. The Birth Plan Notes are for you to take notes during our meeting and then use those notes to create your birth plan after the meeting. Please send me your Birth Plan drafts before our next meeting.

For 2nd Prenatal Visit

Please fill these out separately and then share your responses with each other. Any responses that are more than 20% different should be discussed with each other. Please have all handouts printed out before our second prenatal class.


Words From Our Clients

Having tracy there at our baby’s birth gave me an ease of mind. I had a lot of anxiety due to my baby’s breech position. Tracy knows her way around the hospital and even knows the medical staff, which created a very positive atmosphere at our birthing room. She was calm and encouraging, which helped me tremendously during contractions.

- Ruby Y.

Tracy was amazing and was able to calm Sheena down when she was very worried and afraid. I cannot imagine doing this without her.
- McDonald R.

Tracy gave us fantastic support before, during, and after our birth. I feel like Tracy educated us really well, so I don’t feel like there was anything I didn’t know.

- Allison R.