B*E*S*T Doula Service in Los Angeles

The Doulas of B*E*S*T

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tracy hartleytracy hartley has owned and operated B*E*S*T (Birth Empowerment Support Team) Doula Service since 1996 and has supported more than 550 babies and families during pregnancy, labor, birth and immediate postpartum. She is trained in birth hypnosis, spinning babies, childbirth education, breastfeeding basics and  more. She is the Director of Membership of DASC (Doulas Association of Southern California) and was awarded the Doula of the Year 2004 and Doula Mentor of the Year 2006 and 2008 by DASC. (more about tracy)

Margie Levy Margie Levy has been a doula since 2002 and is certified with DONA and CAPPA. She believes that all women and their partners need and deserve the support of someone trained and experienced in childbirth. Having great support makes labor and birth more comfortable and enjoyable! (more about Margie)

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Cheri Masek Cheri Masek has been working with women and their families as a doula since 2000. She was trained and certified through DONA and is a board member for DASC. She has also taken many lactation courses, including the UCLA Lactation Education extension course. She provides continual support during labor and birthing, and on to breastfeeding at the hospital and home. Cheri is a strong believer in "welcoming life gently." (more about Cheri)

Yvonne Novak Yvonne Novak began her journey supporting women before, during and after birth, as a La Leche League Leader and Bradley Childbirth Instructor in 1979. She has had the privilege of attending birth for more than 30 years and has chosen doula support as a full-time commitment for the past 5+ years. She is also a childbirth educator and trainer, a part-time midwifery student and also offers lactation support. (more about Yvonne)

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Joni Lucarelli Joni Lucarelli has been a doula since 2007, after she had attended the births of her sisters and girlfriends for years. She is married and the mother of two grown children. Prior to becoming a doula she worked in child welfare for impoverished children.
(more about Joni)

Nancy Beyda Nancy Beyda has been a doula and childbirth educator for the past fifteen years. She teaches prenatal yoga and was certified through Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood where she leads workshops for new parents. Nancy’s background in yoga and relaxation techniques gives her a calm and reassuring energy that women can relate to. She believes that every couple has the right to the kind of positive and empowering births that she experienced with her own three children. (more about Nancy)

CarolAnn Braun CarolAnn Braun became a certified birth doula (through the Doula Organization of North America-DONA International) since January of 2006. She has also supported new families in baby care and breastfeeding since 2006.
(more about CarolAnn)

Becca Gordon Becca Gordon has been a labor doula since 2010, after learning what a doula was by seeing "The Business of Being Born" and becoming certified through CAPPA. As well as being a doula, Becca is an experienced yoga instructor, childbirth educator, and midwife assistant whose passion is working with women's health including fertility, pregnancy and postpartum support. Raised in Memphis, TN, Becca now lives in Los Feliz with her husband Lee. (more about Becca)

Kate Zachary Kate Zachary is a DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula since 2011, although feels like she's been a doula her entire life. Originally from Chicago, Kate believes her Midwestern roots are what keep her grounded during the excitement of welcoming new life into the world! She believes that women are capable of remarkable things when they feel empowered and safe to follow their truest instincts. (more about Kate)

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