A doula can...

Support You Virtually

A doula can...

Ease Your Fears

A doula can

Support You Virtually

A Doula Can

Ease Your Fears

A doula can

Save You Money
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About Our

Doula Services

Be prepared – not scared! You can still have the support of an experienced doula during your hospital birth – even during the pandemic.

The fact that you are here, at this website, may mean that you are looking for something beyond a typical hospital birth experience. Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories about unnecessary and unwanted interventions, inductions and c-sections. Perhaps your first birth was a nightmare and you’re hoping for a calmer, easier, faster birth this time. An experienced doula can make all the difference.

Perhaps you’re here because you want your birth experience to be life-affirming, rewarding, and even enjoyable.

Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s talk about how an extremely experienced doula can help you! Set up a free consultation today!


What Our Clients Say

Thanks Goodness tracy was there. All I can say, I couldn’t have done it without her help, support and guidance. She was a guiding light for me, someone I trusted and could turn to when I found myself freaking out. She is very cool, calm and collected and puts you at ease, even in the throws of labor. She does her absolute best to make you feel comfortable and knows her way around a hospital setting. Worth every penny.
- Sheena R.

Tracy is super supportive and comforting. Having Tracy next to me during my daughter’s labor gave me the strength and confidence I needed during L&D. With the expansive knowledge Tracy has she was able to provide me with guidance to make my labor more relaxed and enjoyable! Beautiful Soul!!!

- Zorina P.

Know what to expect:

Take childbirth preparation classes from the comfort of your home!

One-on-one virtual preparation will give you confidence when you go into labor.  You will understand hospital policies and procedures before labor begins. 

As your educator, I’ll provide tips on how to get the birth you want in a hospital setting, which hospital protocols are actually necessary, and how, when & why to avoid the ones that aren’t. We’ll also get to know each other better so that I can best support your wishes and goals for birth.

Sign up with your partner or even a doula of your own choosing!

Doula walking with client #341 waiting for labor to start

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the right doula?
The right doula for you is the one with whom you feel most comfortable. Ask yourself, “If I were stuck in an elevator with one of these doulas, which one would make me feel the safest and keep me entertained in case we were there for a long time?”
Do you work at my hospital?
We have a list of hospitals posted at the bottom of our Contact Us page! If your hospital is not listed, let us know in the contact form and we’ll notify you if we have anyone in that area who can support you.
How much does a doula usually cost?

There’s a wide range of fees for doulas, depending on the number of births they’ve attended as well as the variety and types of services they offer. The prices for services are listed on the Cost page. We’re happy to help you find a doula who fits your budget! In the best case scenario, we can help you find a brand new doula who charges just enough to cover her expenses: gas, parking, childcare, etc.

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